Gated Sounds using a Noise Gate

Tremolos and other volume modulating effects can be a great way to add that sense of rhythm to your sound and if done correctly it can give your music a real edge and allow it to blend well with your drums and other rhythm parts. At times, getting your sound to match exactly with the other elements can get slightly tricky. Understanding the signal flow such as routing your rhythm sound to your noise gate input of the sound you wish to modulate can be extremely helpful. Let's look at an easy approach towards how this can be achieved in Logic Pro X.

In this lesson Piran, True School's music production faculty explains:
  1. How to route the signal of your rhythm section to the input of a noise gate plugin
  2. The concept and use of a gated sound which can complement the rhythm section of your song
  3. The working of noise gate plugins and what parameters need to be tweaked
  4. How to get the basics right when it comes to creating gated effects