Lush Pad Sound using Synthesis

Synthesis and understanding the process can be a really fun and immersive experience when it comes to music production. Understanding the process and basics is the key and once that has been established the sonic possibilities are endless. Familiarising with the tools that are available as an add-on in your software and using them to create any sound of your choice must be a practice everyone should get used to. Let's look at Logic Pro X's inbuilt ES2 and create some good sounding patches.

In this lesson, Piran, True School's music production faculty takes you through:

  1. How to approach ES2 and the very basic few steps you can take to immediately get a good sound
  2. How to create sounds using a single oscillator and applying different modulation changes to them
  3. A first-hand experience towards creating a sound from scratch and using it in your composition
  4. Using LFO's to modulate different parameters and give your patch that movement and dynamic fluidity.