Virtual Campus

True School Online is envisioned as an all encompassing virtual e-learning campus. A lot of thought has been put into the design of learning activities to ensure that the human element, particularity interaction, collaborative learning, peer learning and social connections take place seamlessly while you learn with us.

Live Video Interactions

Most of our online music courses involve some form of live video interaction between you, the teacher and the other learners on the course. Video lessons and interactions are great opportunities to learn and to ask and respond to questions like you would in any classroom. Regular video interactions as part of your online music course are also a great means to make new connections and form a community to share ideas that could lead to future musical collaborations and partnerships.

Online Discussion Boards

All of our online music courses use active discussion boards that encourage sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions, and even debates about topics of common interest. Teachers often use discussion boards as part of the assessment toolkit, to nurture independent thought, communication skills and logical reasoning. Discussion boards also function as a cafe, where you can leave messages to let others know of your music projects, and even to invite other musicians for potential collaborations.

Peer Assessment

Many of our online music courses has opportunities for you to assess the work done by your peers, as a means to develop the ability to evaluate music objectively, using established criteria and reference benchmarks.


Course Dashboard

Our comprehensive course dashboard allows you to stay on top of your learning at all times, and by doing that, you stay in control of your progress. The dashboard tells you where you left off, what is next, your current grade, attendance, how you connect and socially engage with others, and much more. This information is presented in an elegant and easy to understand way. And of course, you get reminders in your email about the tasks at hand. It is almost like having your very own personal tutor.

Gallery Participation

Galleries within our online music courses allow you to socially engage with other learners. You can engage with and react to the music created by others via social gestures such as "like", comments, upvoting, etc.