In Self Paced courses, you learn through pre-recorded video lessons, assignments, quizzes and peer assessments at your own pace, with no interaction with the teacher.

In Teacher Supported courses, in addition to the above learning methods, the teacher will review your progress, provide feedback, and respond to your questions via discussion boards.

In Teacher-Led courses, in addition to the above learning methods, you will have weekly live video lessons with the teacher. 

Credit eligible courses are part of our Pro Programmes that lead to skill certificates and international degree pathways. Course credits earned by completing such courses can be transferred to a full time Pro Programme at True School to time and money if you wish to pursue a professional programme later.

You can speak to an advisor on 022 66243200 to know more details about our Professional On-campus programmes.

No. Once you purchase a course, you are automatically enrolled on our online course portal using the email ID that you provide while purchasing the course. You will receive an enrolment confirmation email as soon as you purchase a course.

Once you purchase a course, you'll recieve an email from 'The True School of Music' and you just have to click on 'ENROLL' to proceed.

You can use your Gmail or Facebook Login details to login to the online course portal, if either of these accounts are using the same email ID that you used to purchase the course.

If the email ID you used to purchase the course is different from your Gmail or Facebook, then use it as your user ID on the  online course portal, and simply create a new password.

You can edit the name in your profile on the online course portal. If you wish to change your email ID, please contact us using the support email included in the course you purchased.

Yes. As long as the course states 'Open for Enrolment' you can join the course even after start date. 

You may catch up to the class by watching recording of previous lessons and completing any assessments that were due.

The days of the week and time at which the live lessons take place are mentioned below the course description. You will also be able to view a detailed schedule of topics once you purchase the course.

Self Paced course don't really have rigid start or end dates since since they are designed for you to learn at your own pace, within the period in which the course remains active, which is usually up to 31 December of every year. For teacher led courses you will find its start date in the description and the course access would normally end 2 weeks after the last session.

If you can see the course for purchase, you may enrol for it. However, you will have to catch up on your own by watching the recordings of past lessons.

You can access the course material up to 2 weeks after the last session of the course.

All self paced courses remain active between 1 January and 31 December. So you will have access to the course material till 31 December of the year in which you enrol for the course.

Age guidelines and restrictions are mentioned on every course. Most of our courses are for ages 15+, while Kids & Junior courses have custom age limits, and the most common range in this category is 9 - 14 years. Please refer to the course of your interest to know more about its age guidelines.

You can just enter the email ID and click on 'Forgot Password?' and you'll receive a link to reset your password on the email through which you can set a password.

No, you can't change the email you have used earlier while purchasing the course. If you have an issue related to this, please write to us from your registered email ID or call us, and we will do our best to assist you.

In a Teacher Led course, you'll be meeting the teacher online face to face every week. In Teacher Supported courses, teachers usually grade your assignments and give you feedback. They also respond to your posts on the discussions boards, or via the built-in messenger The Self Paced course are designed to run on their own hence there are no teacher interactions possible in these courses.

To protect the privacy and personal space of the teachers, we can't share their phone numbers. You can contact your teacher using any of the methods mentioned in your course, which usually include email, and a built-in messenger.

Yes, you will be able to interact with other students via the online discussion boards in the course. In some courses you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other students to complete projects, etc. And in teacher-led courses, you will see your classmates during scheduled live video lessons and interactions.

No, just like how we don't share your details with other peers, we won't be able to share their details with you.

No, there are no refunds after you have purchased a course.

You'll get to download a digital certificate with your name on it from the portal after successful completion of the course. Once you purchase a course, please refer to the course syllabus to know more about course completion requirements

Yes, you are free to sign up for any number of courses you like. If you are signing up for more than 1 Teacher Led courses then you just have to ensure that your weekly schedules don't clash.

No, you'll have to purchase/arrange the software on your own. Many companies all you to download the Trial version for limited period free of cost from their official website. Most of our courses will include links to download/purchase the software on your own.

They are group classes. The group size can vary depending on the nature and type of the course, and the actual number of enrollments. Usually, the number averages between 3-10 students.

You can pay using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI and select wallets.

If you face any issues while making the purchase or right after the purchase then write to us at